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Business Process Life cycle management functions

  • proKosha© acts as the “glue” between people & disparate systems that operate within the business and provides integration across applications and organizational and business boundaries to fulfill the requirements of end-to-end process management. The product components are aligned with typical business roles such as Business Analyst, Process Administrator, Process Owner, etc.
  • proGhata© is a visual modeling tool that automatically generates a WS-BPEL and the corresponding web WSDL files from the visual representations. The communication semantics are specified as web service models. The model includes human workflow semantics for executing ad-hoc human oriented tasks.
  • proVidha© is a BPEL execution engine that interprets and executes the BPEL process models.
  • proChara© is the human workflow engine for executing ad-hoc human oriented tasks in a business process.
  • proBodha© is a monitoring tool that provides a visual dashboard with near real time status to process owners with multi-level drill down capability. It also pinpoints bottlenecks, delays, process instances with errors and exceptions to enable process owner to act in near real time.
  • ActionVector-SA© is a service assurance desk solution from proKosha helps sustain high service availability for technology driven / dependent companies. It assists the IT / Infrastructure / Data center managers with actionable information on service performance and deterioration.

Enterprise Bus shown here represents an generic architecture construct for middleware infrastructure such as such as WEB services platform, Java EE middleware, third party EAI platforms, ESB products or MOM (JMS), etc. The process engine can be gracefully extended to work with such middleware infrastructure or even legacy application adapters or proprietary protocol adapters.